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About Black & White Pest Control In Logan

Black & White is a second generation family owned business. We have been involved in the pest control industry since 1972.

During this time, thousands of satisfied customers have taken advantage of our 10-year warranty program. We have been able to offer this because of the level of treatment we provide.
How We Solve Your Pest Control Problems
In solving and/or identifying your pest control problems, we believe there is a process that needs to be followed. Firstly, we start with the pest identification stage.

This is essential because we need to determine exactly what your pest problem is so that our licensed pest control technicians can recommend a solution.
Making Solutions With You
Part of our pest control service is to look at your overall pest problem within your environment and advise you if there are other pests that you should be made aware of and brought to your attention.

You will be in control of what treatment is to take place in your home and surrounding environment and the type of pest control system you need to eliminate your problem areas.

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