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Before you purchase a new home, you want to ensure that it's as safe, secure and structurally sound as possible. Along with your other pre-purchase evaluations, don't forget to schedule pest control inspections too. Our Brisbane company provides convenient, fast pest assessments as soon as you need them.

We're available to verify that your new home is pest-free whether you live in Gold Coast, Brisbane or any of the nearby suburbs.

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Anxious about termites? Nervous about other Brisbane pests like cockroaches and spiders? Our company knows exactly how to help. When you work with us, we'll thoroughly evaluate your property with the most up-to-date technology and techniques.

Depending on your property and location, we rely on moisture metres, termatracs and a thermal imaging camera to make sure we've found and evaluated every possible pest hiding spot.

We can provide clients with:

  • Termite inspections and treatments
  • Free termite quotes
  • Pest control

About Our Pre Purchase Pest Control

We specialise in Pre Purchase Home inspections and always provide the time required to thoroughly inspect your property and convey the resulting information to you clearly and promptly.

Our written termite and pre purchase timber pest control inspection reports are very detailed and easy to understand. We are a fully licensed and comprehensively insured Pest Control company providing termite inspections, termite treatment and all other pest control services for residential and commercial clients in the whole of Brisbane and Gold Coast metropolitan areas.

We are flexible with inspection times and can perform URGENT pest control inspections any day of the week, in any suburb of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Black & White Pest Control use moisture metres and termatrac as a standard on all Termite Inspections.  We also have a Thermal Imaging camera available should you require this.

These inspections are carried out prior to the purchase of the home, they entail checking the sub floor, roof void, interior, exterior, garage and gardens of a property. We check for all timber pests including borers, wood rot and termites and a report is then supplied to the client.

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Pre Purchase Inspecting

completed pre purchase pest control inspections

Pest control inspections brisbane

We'll inspect your exterior, interior, garage, gardens, roof void and sub floor. We also look for timber pests like termites, borers and wood rot.

Once we finish our inspection, we'll create a thorough, easy-to-read report that sets your mind at ease about your new property. If you have any questions about our report, we're available to answer them.

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Whether you need a commercial or residential property inspected, our pest control inspections in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the surrounding areas can help. We're also flexible with typical inspection times so we can better fit your schedule.

Need an urgent inspection with little warning? No worries. We can provide urgent inspections as soon as you need us, no matter the day of the week.

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For over four decades, we've served residential and commercial clients in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. To put our experience to good use, call us on 07 3200 0288 and schedule your reliable pre-purchase pest inspection today. 

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Do You Know the Signs of a Termite Infestation? Answer These 5 Questions to Find Out

Termites represent one of the most invasive and damaging pests that can claim your home as its own. Y ou likely know many of the dangers termites represent, but could you identify an infestation on your property?

Test your knowledge by answering the five questions below.

1. The earliest warning signs of a termite infestation include:

A. Large groups of winged insects inside

B. Cracked and warped paint

C. Mud tubes on exterior walls

D. All of the above


2. Termite swarms leave behind which of the following objects:

A. Eggs

B. Nests similar to bird nests

C. Wings

D. None of the above


3. Other warning signs of an infestation include:

A. Hollow-sounding wood

B. Carpet and upholstery damage

C. Droppings

D. A. and C.


4. Which of the following describe termite mounds?

A. Mounds do not appear in Australia

B. Mounds consist of the same material as mud tubes

C. Mounds appear near infested homes

D. Mounds occur only in Australia


5. At the first sign of infestation you should:

A. Capture a live insect for professional identification

B. Cut open any mud tubes

C. Move your furniture away from the walls

D. A. and B.


Question 1: D. All of the above. Winged termites, known as swarmers, may gather inside an infected home and "swarm" toward the outside. These insects typically have short, brown bodies and long, translucent wings.  Most termite species swarm either in the spring or the fall, though termites remain active year round.

Termites enter your home through small gaps in the siding, foundation or vents. When termites infest a wood surface, you may notice cracks, warping or discolouration in the paint. Y ou may also notice tiny holes in your drywall or plaster walls.

Additionally, termites may leave behind "mud tubes." Termites create these dirt passageways to protect themselves when travelling from the nest to a food source. They typically appear vertically on exterior walls.

Question 2: C. Wings. A termite swarm occurs when mature insects leave their nest to start new colonies elsewhere. Swarmers shed their wings soon after taking flight. Y ou may notice small piles of wings around your home's foundation.

Question 3: D. A. and C. Termites hollow through wood to create their nests, so they rarely cause damage to fabrics. However, hollow-sounding wood and collections of termite droppings, or frass, can indicate an advanced infestation.

Termites tunnel near wood's surface, so when a tunnel network developments, the wood has mostly empty space beneath it. If you tap on your wall and it sounds hollow, this may mean you have termites. Frass pellets are another common sign. Termite frass looks dry, smooth and powdery, though it may appear in several colours.

Question 4: B. Mounds consist of the same material as mud tubes. Termite mounds have a distinct look similar to stalactites and stalagmites in caves. Termites make these mounds out of a paste consisting of dirt, saliva and faecal matter.

While some termite species in both Australia and throughout Africa make mounds, you likely will not see one at your home. Mounds serve as a nest-if your home is infested, the termites likely nest there.

Question 5: D. A. and B. While termites can affect wood furniture, they will more likely stay in your walls since they prefer quiet, dark environments. Moving your furniture will not affect the infestation.

If you notice mud tubes, cut them open. If you see live termites inside, you know you have an active infestation. An empty mud tube does not mean you don't have termites, however. Termites occasionally abandon intact tubes.

If you notice any swarmers in your home, catch one in a jar. Place a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol in the jar to kill and preserve the insect. Take the swarmer in for identification.

In spite of what you learned in this quiz, you should not rely on your own expertise to diagnose a termite problem. Termites can cause extensive damage to the framing, flooring and walls in your home. If you notice signs of an infestation, contact a pest control specialist.


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