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Termite Check in Logan & Park Ridge

Termite Checks Brisbane Southside, Logan & Park Ridge

Termites, or ‘white ants’ as they are commonly known, cause serious structural damage to timber and other cellulose-based products.

The most common species, Coptotermes acinaciform, is the most destructive termite species in the world and is found in Brisbane and across Australia. All termites need moisture and have a low tolerance to air and light. They live underground, attacking the home from below. A loose mortar joint, a minute space around the downpipe or a settlement crack in the slab are all termites need to gain entry.
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How We Deal With Termites
All operators at Black & White Pest Control use moisture metres and Termatrac as part of routine termite inspections. The moisture metre picks up high moisture areas behind walls, and, if found, we then check the area using the Termatrac which uses microwaves to detect termite movements in the walls.

Once we complete a termite inspection, you will receive a full written report detailing the findings along with a termite prevention plan. Black & White Pest Control also supplies free quotations on any termite problems that you may have.
Satisfaction Guarantee
At Black and White Pest Control, we often use Termidor for termite external barrier treatments and wall cavity treatments. Our company gives you a satisfaction guarantee, and all work done by Black & White Pest Control is covered by a warranty.

Termite treatments carry a free 12-month service period which can be extended for 10 years provided the premises is on our annual inspection/maintenance program. The client pays the annual maintenance fee which includes a termite inspection and re-application of chemical where required. There are no other costs during the warranty period. Give us a call to learn more.

All operators have gone through the Termatrac Training Program
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